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Join us on the opening night of Inangbayan / Motherland on Monday, May 15th from 6-8PM

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Engage with the work further by participating in these additional events:


Friday, May 19th at 7-9PM: Jackie Andres Artist Talk in conversation with Kishino Takagishi

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Friday May 26th at 3-5PM: Artist-led film manipulation workshop with Jackie Andres.

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Gallery Hours:

Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 5-7PM

Saturdays & Sundays from 12-2PM

Email to make an appointment

AIRMW presents Jackie Andres’s debut solo show Inangbayan / Motherland at Hairpin Arts Center as a part of their Arts Initiative Program. In the exhibition, we are given the unique opportunity to follow a gentle and restless investigation of the ‘inbetween’. Motherland offers insight into drawing the lines and making connections for ourselves. To be both outside and inside, to be at home and far away, but more than anything, to chase a feeling that feels so close, yet is unreachable. 


Andres reaches from her own experience as a child of Filipino immigrants and as a young person in the world experiencing a primitive desire to belong. In her debut solo show, she leads her audience with care to an intimate look into the peripheral details of the Asian American diaspora. 


The multi-media show grapples with being in a continual state of searching. The work, consisting of moving images and print media, demonstrates that the Asian American experience is accompanied by trials of personal acceptance. 


As desire for the warm embrace of a motherland persists, which fragments can one piece together to swathe themself instead?


She utilizes threads of memory and storytelling to reflect the fragmented idea of ‘home’ when one is a perpetual foreigner. ‘Home’ in her eyes comes in the form of vocal inheritances, food, language, and Super 8 footage. These are objects that hold comfort and intimacy. 


Seemingly at odds with the feeling of deep nostalgia and yearning from the rest of the show, a projection displays a spectrum of text, color, and light replacing a feeling of tenderness with that of confusion and ambiguity. The images speak to an ungrounded foundation in one’s personal identity that can act as a catalyst to unexpected, nebulous places. 


The continual building of Motherland isn’t a place at all, but a nameless, shapeless construction of her own making, articulating that the search for cultural belonging is found within the considerate reflection that she gives to herself.

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